Why Technical Factors Matters in Seo ??

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In this Blog, let’s see why technical SEO matters in a search ranking?
Technical factors are just like an entry ticket, or a gate pass to the search engine result pages.
These factors are not only crucial to enter into the SERPs, but also they are highly essential to get higher rankings.

In technical factors, we talk only about the overall technical optimization of your website and not about the content. Without these Technical factors, just having good content alone will not take you to better search engine rankings. Exact Keywords are getting their importance declined day by day.

I will explain this through a simple example.
A few years back, SEO experts used to stuff keywords for every other alternate line in
the post or in the content.
But, after some 2 to 3 years, it’s reduced to adding the target keyword once every 50
In recent years, the keyword appearance has got reduced to every 100th word or even less.
Even the content relevance seo factor is computed by excluding the exact search term or the
target keyword from the content, which says that we can rank well even without including
the exact search term in our content.

By just including Proof and relevant terms itself, you can outrank your competitors,
but, when it comes to Technical SEO, if you don’t add proper heading tags, internal
link structure and other technical seo factors, then you can never enter the front page of
Google search.

That leads us to the existence of, Heading tags and description in your websites.
Search engines expect the existence of headings inside your content.
For example: Instead of just increasing the text size for headings or making them bold,
you should assign proper H1, H2 and H3 HTML tags for headings, subheadings and minor headings

Also, Google expects you to give a separate meta description in WordPress excerpts. Next comes, domain and Page authority. A domain with higher SEO visibility or higher Authority score is 100 times better than a normal website with 100 keyword optimised articles or posts.
Nowadays Webmasters are writing longer and comprehensive posts.

That is, posts that are running above 2000-3000 words.
Also they tend to add more multimedia content such as videos, images and several CSS and
Javascript effects inside the post, which causes slower loading.
Earlier, Google tends to boost search engine rankings for websites which load faster.
But, now, if your website loads slower, then your search engine ranking will move a lot
many places back in the search engine results.
So pagespeed or page loading time was a luxury a few years back, which has become an essential
commodity now.


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