What is Pings !!!

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What is ping and how does it create a good impact on SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important for online marketing. It creates a good impact on your website and your audience. SEO is the best technique or advertisement mode for a small and medium-size business. SEO has two-part, on-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Now, on-page SEO includes different methods which must be applied onsite website and off-page includes outside of the website. Most small and medium-size companies prefer SEO because it is the cheapest mode of advertisement. Now, to get keyword rank on major search engines, there are different types of SEO methods that can be used.

You can make different types of advanced techniques to get keyword ranking first. One of the important and advanced techniques is now pinging. 

What is ping?

Pinging is one of the advanced processes which updates search engines about their latest changes on the website. Pinging means you are indicating to the search engine that your website make some changes and it needs indexing. This ensures that Google crawler will index your website again and your rank will improve definitely. 

In SEO, there are different types of tools available and ping is one of them. This is a process that includes auto-generated notifications to the engine spider. It helps to update them about the crawling activity. After creating backlinks and once you have done website changes, you can use the pinging process to notify the search engine about your changes. 

The purpose of Pinging in SEO

Every SEO professionals, their main aim is to increase keyword rank, website rank, traffic to their client’s website. Now, once a keyword will get ranked it brings more traffic to your website and that helps to increase leads. The main purpose of pinging is to remind search engines please check and crawl the web pages on major search engines. 

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization is always the best option because it helps to increase keyword ranking and it is one of the cheapest modes of advertising. This helps to increase target traffic gradually. You can use paid campaigns and non-paid campaigns for this purpose. Google PPC, ad campaign, and social media ad campaign all are important! If any company needs instant results or leads, they can choose Google paid campaign but if you don’t have much budget, then go with the organic ways. This will take some time but once rank will come, it will never go!

Try different advanced technologies are and ways like pinging, blog commenting, forum posting, social media marketing, etc. SEO also includes Digital marketing and social media marketing. The more advanced techniques, unique content, and another method you will use, the more you will get good results. Hire the best SEO expert or know about all the methods. It’s always better to use organic methods to get a good result. The black hat method must be avoided always. Choose the best type of white hat method and once all the processes will be done, put content on blog, forum, and start guest posting and then pinging to update SEO rank.


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