How to choose a powerful keyword for your Business

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How to choose a powerful keyword for your Business ?

Before you begin an Seo campaign, you really need to understand the key words you should be focusing on. You may think you know what those keywords are, but as you learn in this blog you probably only have a partial understanding.

There are quite likely some keywords you’ve missed and some you have in your list that are probably not very important. So in this blog , we’re going to look at why keywords are so important, how to start building a keyword list and how to do a keyword analysis in order to make sure you really do understand them and to discover how frequently they’re used by real life searches. I’ll also explain what you’re going to do with these keywords. So let’s get started learning this very fundamental concept, the glue that holds your work together.

Key-words To target your Potential Clients

Why do we care about key words, because they’re a medium to your prospects, that would represent a way to connect to the people you want to bring to your site. In the same way that a storefront on a busy street helps retailers connect to potential clients. Retail stores want to have their windows on the streets with a lot of traffic going by to enable them to reach people walking down that street.

The shop windows enable the stores to connect with those people. In the same way, site owners need to use keywords to reach the people who are using those keywords in the search engines. The keywords allow sites to connect with users. This is a very simple concept, but one that many website owners really don’t seem to get.

Over more than a decade, I’ve helped literally hundreds of businesses, large and small, with SEO issues, and I’ve noticed several things related to keywords. Firstly, all too often when I ask clients what their important keywords are, they don’t know next. Even if they think they do know, it often turns out that they’re guessing.

And even if they do know their keywords, I often have to ask why they think their website should come up in the search results for those keywords, because I see nothing on the site suggesting that it should. So here’s the basic principle, you have a site and you want to bring people to that site. Those people go to the search engines and type in keywords. If you’re lucky, when these people click search, your site comes up in the results. So you have to use the keywords those people are using. So an understanding of key words is essential if you don’t know what key words people are using, you can’t connect with them. And if you don’t use the key words in the right way, you can’t connect with them.

So in blog, we’ll be look at key in detail. It’s the foundation of your campaign, so you must get it right. We’ll look at how to create an initial list of keywords and how to use that list to do a full keyword analysis in order to find out how often the words on your list are actually used by your potential customers and site visitors. And to find other words that you missed and of course, we’ll be looking at how we will be using these keywords.

1st step is to “think” a lot of the relavant keywords for your Business

  • start by writing down the obvious things.
  • Take a look at a few competing sites.
  • Stop the guess game and take a new approach to find the best keywords for your Business


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